Marrot HB CoverPink has always been a favorite color–I grew up with a pink and white bedroom. And fast forward, when we renovated our 1905 vintage grey shingled cottage that shared the shores of Lake Washington with our neighbors in Beaux Arts Village, we painted the entry way and the all the cabinets and bookshelves in the family room a glossy “Pagoda Pink.” It didn’t seem outrageous or daring; it just seemed familiar and comforting.

Now, years later, in another vintage home on the Salish Sea, I am still painting with pink. A few years ago, House Beautiful showed up in our mailbox with Barry Dixon’s “pink” cover with Paule Marrot’s painting over the mantel and it was such a moment. To see pink, front and center–not too sweet, not too cotton candy, but a wonderful and lovely color that has a place in adding beauty to a room. That was a wonderful moment.


Pink Silk, 24×18

As always, I continue to paint with pink. Sometimes with orange, sometimes with red, sometimes just by itself. Pink will always be such an important friend in the studio.

A Wisp of a Dream, 36x24

A Wisp of a Dream, 36×24

Blush, 36 x 24"

Blush, 36 x 24″

Blush, 36 x 24"

Blush, 36 x 24″

I’ve been happily very busy in the studio. My solo show at Roby King Galleries on Bainbridge Island opened in February and then, just recently, my June Show at Museo Gallery on Whidbey Island opened. So lots of painting, lots of colors and lots of loving every minute of it. Also, as fellow painters will note, lots of clothes covered with paint and oh well, floors too with errant little drips and the pups sometimes in their fur and the door handle on the front door and maybe-eek-just a smudge of red paint on the old marble counter top in the kitchen…and oh yeah, a little swipe of bright hue on my husband’s favorite fleece from a hug I shared…oops!

I’ve added some new florals to my direction and passion and also new colors–lime green, bright orange, big blues. I still adore birds as a story element, for romance and for the color they bring to the painting. The love of deer has made its way back into my work, along with hummingbirds and swallows and a motif I cherish, the two hare, facing and loving each other.

If you know my work, you know that I am in love with roses, so there’s always that: white roses on yellow, white roses on deep pink,

The inspiration for my work is the romance of vintage Parisian wallpapers and the hand-painted, age-old murals of France–the imagery never ceases to inspire. And along with this, the mystery, patterns, and colors of chinoiserie ancienne.

(I hope you’re following the amazing and beautiful adventures of the restoration of this beautiful castle in France–another inspiration as I paint. The soft and romantic murals they have recovered as they restore the old chateau have been magical.)

If you’re visiting New Orleans, please stop by Gallery Orange to see my work. If in Santa Fe, please visit Gallerie Corazon.

36x24_5_webLove at First SightKathe Fraga - Always - HR

Happy New Year!

Every year, our family makes a new rhyme for the new year. This time it’s “Live the Dream in 2015.” May all your wishes and dreams for the upcoming year come true.

One of my dreams came true just recently.

In Dec. 2013, I was commissioned by Papyrus Cards for a Valentine’s Day card. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see how their creative team would embellish the card with their signature rhinestones, glitter and 3D foil cutouts. But finally, the wait is over! A few days ago, I received a generous package from Papyrus Cards of the new cards and I’d love to share how it looks!

Papyrus Valentine's Card

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!




Blush, 36 x 24"

Blush, 36 x 24″

My new show, “Love!” , makes its debut this June at Museo Gallery.  This new collection reflects my love of florals, blossoms and bouquets, combined with the centuries old chinoiserie that I adore. Thank you owner/gallerist Sandra Jarvis for representing my work these many years. It’s an honor to be a part of Museo–so lovely, always surprising and playful!

Whidbey Island, home to Museo (Langley) is always “home” to me. I grew up visiting my Nana and PawPaw on the island in the summers–the fragrance of sun-kissed blackberries, the scent of big perfumey roses that my grandfather nurtured on their property overlooking the island’s blue sparkly water, the tall cedars and pines watching us all from overhead, even the surprising pink color of salmon: these memories of love weave themselves into my work.

If you’ve followed my work or blog, you know how influenced and inspired I am by living so many years in South America and Europe and both coasts of the U.S. as I grew up. My paintings reflect this background.

Different cultures, different colors, different homes and neighborhoods, old and new,the beauty of layers and layers of distressed images, of  generations past, of stories told and retold.

When you see one of my paintings from across the room, you might see a certain pattern and a color. When you look up close, you’ll see a small bloom behind another bloom, a bird motif over another pattern, a little bit of the mystery of what came before and what was added later.

The soft blues, yellows, greens, (and new this year, peach), colors floating on frescoed panels with all the layers of motifs and imagery that came before and can be a bit glimpsed now, make up the direction of this June Collection at Museo. I hope you enjoy it!

Caress, 24 x 18"

Caress, 24 x 18″

Breathless, 40 x 16"

Breathless, 40 x 16″

Vintage Goyard (Paris, 1938), 36 x 24"

Vintage Goyard (Paris, 1938), 36 x 24″













Pillow Collection Web Grid 0410142Pink, yellow, soft green and blue: I’m so excited to launch the new Kathe Fraga pillow collection, based on my paintings.

My inspiration? 17th and 18th century chinoiserie with all the color and whimsical imagery that never fails to fascinate. Add to that the faded soft hues of vintage Paris.

The frescoes and murals and aged wall paintings  in the wonderful grand old French maisons and chateaux influence my work. I’m drawn to colors and patterns that reveal a story of old and of generations past. I love to paint  birds and flowers to tell a narrative of life and family, sweet gardens, roses, love and joy.

I hope you enjoy the new pillows, in silk or linen.

They are lined and each plumped with a feather/down insert and invisible zipper.

Merci mille fois!

xo, Kathe

P.S. The pillow collection is now available through Flowering Around, Bainbridge Island; Museo Gallery, Langley, Washington; and Jane McIntyre Design, Winchester, England. Pillows are also available through my website. Also, please visit the Live Happy Inspired blog. This San Francisco-based blog recently had a fun post pairing my pillows with furnishings/interior design. Finally, a big thank you to Leslie Wood of Chancellor Interiors for including my painting on her  Hadley Court design blog  in a post commenting on the current trends at High Point Market–a lot of pink and a lot of chinoiserie!





I love our rich rainy days here on the Island and how the heavy grey clouds hug us close–we’re shrouded in a cloak of sweet fog, the only morning sound, the blast of the distant ferry warning “we’re coming through, watch out!!”

The high-pitched screech of the eagle cuts through the drip of the raindrops. They’re looking to nest and  fighting off a seagull coming too close. The robins are everywhere, so busy, busy, busy. And the hummingbirds, so tiny but so loud as they swoop and forage. Everyone’s building nests.

We can’t wait for the swallows to return to us. Their three grey simple wooden houses are waiting, perched up above the the beach rock first floor to the safety of the grey shingled second story. They come back every year but we always wait with bated breath and wonder, “will they come back?”

Here comes Spring.

The daffys, a little wet and bedraggled have pushed through the damp soil in the little garden behind our old stone house, sunny and yellow. The age old camellias are a-blooming, red and pink and another pink right on cue.

On the porch,  the purpley blue hyacinths in their purpley blue hand hewn wooden planters waft their perfume into the front hall every time we open the door.

“After The Rain, A Spring Serenade,” my new painting on frescoed panel, inspired by the rain and the garden and bird friends!

I’m delighted to be part of Museo Gallery’s beautiful Garden Show-my 5th year. It opens April 5.

Please join me in celebrating Spring and all the wonderful artists at this joyous show!

Kathe Fraga - After The Rain, A Spring Serenade

After The Rain, A Spring Serenade, 36×24 inches, acrylic on frescoed panel

My paintings "Garden Dance" and "Cherry Blossoms" on Trophy Wife, episode 3 - with Bradley Whitford!

My paintings “Garden Dance” and “Cherry Blossoms” on Trophy Wife, episode 3 – with Bradley Whitford!

I was very honored and appreciative to see two of my paintings featured on ABC’s “Trophy Wife” with one of my favorite actors, Bradley Whitford! The two pieces, “Garden Dance” and “Cherry Blossoms”, reflect my love of soft green with pink and orange.

This is the third time my work has been featured on a TV series and I give a huge thanks to my art publisher, Grand Image, located in Seattle. Merci mille fois! It is so much fun to see my work included in these shows!

The two other shows that added my artwork to the set are “Is That You, Chelsea” with my turquoise painting “Chez Nous” and “The Office” — in Roseanne’s Barr’s “office” along with another favorite actor, Ed Helms! These “twin” paintings are cream with soft pink, titled  “Remembering I” and “Remembering II”.

Kathe Fraga's "Chez Nous" on the set of NBC's new show "Are You There, Chelsea?"Office 1


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