Exciting news! I’m thrilled to let you know that my Chinoiserie inspired paintings of birds and botanicals will be part of The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s new Spring Exhibition, “Revering Nature.” The exhibition opens to the public Saturday, March 11 and will be on view through June 4. Shown here, “Springtime in Paris, 36×48” on frescoed birch panel. (Admission to this wonderful museum is free. If you’re coming by ferry from Seattle, the museum is an easy walk–no need to drive on.)


love-song_webNew! My silk and linen pillow collection, based on my Chinoiserie-inspired paintings, is now available on-line and in-store at Artisan Crafted Home (Whidbey Island), Dana’s Showhouse (Bainbridge Island) and my website.

Each pillow is 20×20″ with a down/feather insert and invisible zipper. The print is the same on each side and comes with an art card that describes my paintings and inspiration.

Please email me with any questions!



I’m delighted to share a new collaboration: my paintings and Calypso Cards! The new collection, showcasing my Chinoiserie-inspired art, features special and very meaningful quotes of love and inspiration from Walt Whitman, Lao Tzu, Hans Christian Anderson and more. I am so happy how the Calypso Team has presented my work as greeting cards-beautiful paper stock, a variety of pretty and colorful envelopes to complement the paintings and a wrap that allows you to see the message inside.

For my friends and neighbors on Bainbridge Island, you can find the new collection at Dana’s Showhouse and Town and Country.

To order the cards on-line, please visit Calypso’s website.

Many thanks to everyone at Calypso Cards for welcoming me into the “family”!

Under the Trellis The Softest Whisper Love at First Sight Goyard Yellow and Sweet Paris Roses Blush Always All Her Favorite Flowers A Whisper of Pink

New work! My painting, “When Love Blooms,” inspired by the romance of vintage French wallpapers and Chinoiserie with a modern twist, makes its debut as part of Roby King Gallery invitational “Blossoming Art” June show. 7 artists, lots of florals! (36×24 on frescoed panel.)

Kathe Fraga - When Love Blooms - 36x24

Exciting news! I’m delighted to announce that my Chinoiserie inspired paintings are now represented by the wonderful Ann Connelly Fine Art Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m so delighted to let you know that I’ve collaborated with Papyrus Cards to create a really special card for Mom. There are jewels, embroidered gold butterflies, sparkles and more bling highlighting my original painting.

And, if that isn’t enough, the inside of the envelope is so pretty, reflecting the art on the card. Papyrus is a wonderful team to partner with-their attention to detail and passion for creating beautiful cards for Mother’s Day and every day is inspiring. Thank you Papyrus! (If you’d like, you can order here or visit the Papyrus store near you.)

Papyrus Mothers Day Card

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll (Words to live by!)

I’m delighted to be included in the new December Show, “Wonderland” at Roby King Galleries on Bainbridge Island. The group show of gallery artists showcases a wonderful collection of work, all inspired by the story of Alice. I have four new pieces in the show.

While I’ve always loved the magic and wonder of Alice in Wonderland–the characters, the environments, the interactions–the one thing that always has fascinated me the most about the tale is the absolute visualness of it all. The colors, the patterns, the zaniness of costumes and of beautiful flowers, Chinese lanterns above the tea party. That’s what has inspired my new work for December at Roby King.

Here are my ideas behind the new work: Gold leaf in the paintings represents a connection to the blond Alice, the bright gold watch of the White Rabbit, the tiny crown on the terrifying “Off with their heads!” queen. Pinks and reds are constant themes in the story–I’m reminded of how long I’ve been mesmerized by the idea of painting a blooming garden with actual paint! The Chinoiserie motifs reflect the tea party’s joyous color and pattern-filled event, from the table to the china to the guests themselves.

Happy 150 Year Anniversary to Alice and Lewis Carroll!

Fraga - What I Saw At The Tea Party - WEB
What I Saw at the Tea Party, 40×16 on frescoed canvas with gold leaf
Through The Looking Glass - HR
Through the Looking Glass, 27×23, vintage mirror with gold leaf
Alice's-Bedroom-Wall-I---WEB Alice's-Bedroom-Wall-II---WEB
Alice’s Bedroom Wall”, two 12x12s on frescoed canvas with gold leaf


Brrrr, the warm sunny days of Fall on the Island have changed to grey and bluster, power outages and wild waves on the beach. The good news is that there are plenty of excuses for hot chocolates, roaring fires and, most importantly (and fun), lots and lots of color in the studio.

As always, my art is inspired by the romance of vintage French wallpapers and Chinoiserie with a modern twist.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my 12×12 paintings that are easy to fit into Santa’s sled. Stay tuned for more!




Thanksgiving Card - PapyrusIt’s a joy and an honor to introduce my latest collaboration with the wonderful Papyrus: the new Thanksgiving card based on my Chinoiserie inspired painting, “That Beautiful Morning.”

It’s been a year in the making–good things take time, right? But that’s because Papyrus really takes their time when it comes to the design and production of their beautiful card collections.

I was contacted last year and couldn’t wait to see the completed design. Gold glitter and a gold tassel complete the painting, along with a gold foil lined envelope.

Papyrus is known for their extraordinary attention to detail. Each card the company creates and crafts is lovingly embellished with enchanting and magical extras like sparkling rhinestones and tiny gold charms. I hope you have a chance to see the new card along with the rest of Papyrus’s oh so lovely collection of cards for everyday and every holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Here’s where to find a Papyrus store near you.)

It was a delight to share the inspiration for my paintings with LUXE Magazine–Ukiyo-e’s vintage woodblock prints, the romance of age old Parisian wallpapers and murals, the patterns of silk and satin kimonos from long ago.

“When We First Met” I and II, now at Gallery Orange, New Orleans.















Thank you LUXE for featuring my work.